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The Ticking Clock and The Running Time

The Ticking Clock and The Running Time

Time and tide wait for none go the famous saying. This is very true in the case of people who are always glued to their office chairs and completely forget about their personal life.

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The Ticking Clock and The Running Time

Time and tide wait for none go the famous saying. This is very true in the case of people who are always glued to their office chairs and completely forget about their personal life. None of the commercial set ups compel or push an employee to stay beyond the prescribed timings and do not force them to work 24/7 though few of us do. The law says that an employee needs to put in 8 productive hours of work at his work floor and the rest he is free to spend with his family and friends and this is what is called work-life balance.

But how many of us follow this is a big question. There are definitely exceptions in every single thing and this case is not spared too for there is a lot that only works when they are off to work and leave the office floors when the clock correctly reminds them of their 8-hour completion. Only a few of us fall under this category. Now you might think as to what they will do walking off early from the work set-up? Unlike the others, these people are conscious that they have a family and need to spend some time with them and also some time for their selves.

Everyone needs the essential `me ` time which we tend to get only at the end of a tiring weekday or the refreshing weekends when we get to spend the whole day at home away from the maddening crowd. Every employed person needs some time for himself, for his hobbies for his personal works etc which are not possible on the other days. This time is what we call the leisure time which life gives you but many of us do not make use of it properly to understand the value of life and relationships and most importantly forget what leisure time is all about.

There are many ways in which this leisure time is spent differently by different kinds of people. Let`s now look at few of the very common activities that people like to do which they are denied on the other days due to work tensions and timings.

  • Workouts and exercises – something that is highly recommended for the present day generation wherein we have a gadget performing all our regular duties without troubling us. In this situation, it becomes very much important for us to take up exercises on a regular basis either daily for a few minutes after the exhausting work schedule of the day or conveniently on weekends. This helps to improve both the physical and mental health of a person trying to help him burst out his stress. Practicing yoga is also a good option that calms down the disturbed mind and soul of a person and keeps him fresh and energetic. When a person exercises regularly he makes his body pump in more blood into the different organs making them stronger.
  • Book as companions – reading is a skill that never has an end. Writers do not stop their pens from rolling on papers and similarly, readers cannot stop their eyes from falling on books for it is a passion in many and they try to read all the new books in the market. But do you think this is possible on working days? Absolutely not for time is the only factor that hinders this activity. So you get to do this at your leisure weekend time. Spending time on books will be very productive and you will get to know many things about you. You will be able to stay connected with the world.
  • Social work – something that interests only a few. Working for your community and society not only helps you in spending time productively but also gives you satisfaction and contentment. This can be anything like cleaning up your community park, visiting homes, cooking supper for a large group of needy people or volunteer to teach the children of the low-lying areas. Anything for this is going to give you happiness and satisfaction at the end of the day. Through such activities you get a chance to help and repay the society that has made you're living a beautiful one; you will also get to make friends with new people.

It is not just the adults and the working professionals, but kids need some quality time for themselves too. This can be in the form of their play time where they can relax and let go after a long day at school. PDPlay has many options for the active kids who can never stay put in one place.

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